Hosted VoIP

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

A phone system based in the cloud means that a communications provider supplies the underlying technology to complete phone calls over the Internet. Businesses that migrate their phone service to the cloud enjoy new capabilities such as HD Voice calls, audio and video conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding, auto attendants and much more for a monthly fee.

How Does a Cloud-Based Phone System work?

Phone Systems hosed in the cloud are powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. All you need is an internet connection to get started. Business communication providers manage the entire infrastructure for you. It’s fast, secure, and scalable.

Why are Businesses Choosing Cloud-Based Phone Systems?

  • Remote Workforce – take your business phone service with you
  • Scale to needs of a growing, diverse workforce
  • Liberate Staff from managing end of life – aging Premise Phone Systems
  • Benefit from increased reliability, scalability, and the newest technology
  • Customize communications to match a company’s unique business needs

What We Do

Our experienced staff will design a Hosted VoIP Solution that scales with your business. We will tailor the configuration of features for your specific needs and goals.

Our Host VoIP systems provide a stable, reliable and secure platform for your business communication needs and will be the communication standard moving forward.

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