Carrier Services

Carrier Services


Five Star Telecom's Carrier Services division provides communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. We provide Internet, Voice, Networking, Cloud, and Wireless connectivity to customers. Whether the goal is interoffice communication, more bandwidth to run cloud applications, or something in-between, Carrier Services can help.

What We Do

Five Star Telecom works with businesses to offer communications services, including Internet, Networking, Cloud, Wireless, and Voice.  With access to over 100 carriers and suppliers, we can provide a complete communications solution.

Our customers have locations spanning the nation and partner with us to connect them to new services for both new and existing locations.  Additionally, we provide a Free Inventory Assessment, comparing current business services vs. services that are available using our exclusive Side-By-Side Analysis.

How We Work

After determining our customer needs, we go to work sourcing the best provider options.  We then present all carrier proposals in our Side-By-Side for business review, offering our expert industry advice along the way.

​Customers choose options that best fits their needs and contract directly with the carrier.  We will assist in project managing installation and will continue to offer support post-sale with billing and trouble ticket escalation, as well as adding or changing additional services.


Why Choose Five Star Telecom

Today’s companies are gaining massive benefits from leveraging technology services as an integral part of their business strategy.  Here are several reasons to partner with Five Star Telecom as your technology agent.

  • More Options - With access to over 100 carriers and suppliers, Five Star Telecom has vetted out the best and can customize a solution to best fit our customers' needs.
  • Simplify Your IT - we take great pride in streamlining IT and Telecom solutions by leveraging industry expertise and resources to help manage your Carrier relationships
  • Gain a Trusted Advisor - we will guide you to the technologies that achieve the best business outcome.  As your carrier-neutral partner, we do not have an affiliation with one carrier over another and are objective in our recommendations, truthful in our advice, and an overall trusted advisor to our customers.
  • Ongoing Support - Five Star Telecom acts as an extension of our customer teams', providing ongoing support after installation for customer service inquiries and escalations as they arise.

Best of all, we do all of this at no additional charge.  Five Star Telecom does not invoice our customers for our value added services versus buying directly from the Carrier.  There are no hidden monthly service or consultant fees.  Therefore, you can take advantage of industry expertise and added support without any added expense to your bottom line.


Carrier Services at Five Star Telecom