Five Star Telecom's Carrier Services division provides communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. We provide Internet, Voice, Networking, Cloud, and Wireless connectivity to customers. Whether the goal is interoffice communication, more bandwidth to run cloud applications, or something in-between, Carrier Services can help.

The communications landscape is complex, time-consuming, and can become unnecessarily expensive for IT managers without time or resources to devote to it. Five Star Telecom understands and is here to help. Partnering with us eliminates these concerns, allowing you to recover the lost hours spent on carrier research and selection so you can focus on what you do best.

We will connect you to the right telecom carrier that fits your needs. Our customers can take advantage of our vast industry experience and strategic partner relationships, bypassing the additional time and resources it would take to do it on their own, all with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

As Your Solutions Partner, We:

  • Learn your needs and goals up-front to determine an optimal telecommunications solution  
  • Understand your IT infrastructure and which carriers best fit your needs  
  • Have access to the industry’s latest cutting-edge technologies  
  • Are carrier-neutral, with no affiliations to one service provider over the others, and take great care to provide the solution that fits your business best  
  • Act as an extension of your team, handling your customer service inquiries and escalations as they arise post-sale

Carrier Services at Five Star Telecom

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